Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Portugal and the Algarve has many differing features, which is unusual for a small country; mountains, gentle rolling hills, lush green deep valleys, wide rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, islands and some of the world's most beautiful beaches, thus offering a varied range of breath-taking wedding locations.

There are many different types of wedding venues across Portugal, and making the right choice of venue sets the scene for the rest of the wedding. 

The first thing to think about is the number of guests you are expecting.  The venue you choose needs to be able to manage the size of your party.  If you are eloping to Portugal, than work with your photographer and Celebrant to find a beautiful, romantic and private spot for your ceremony, followed by a nice meal in a restaurant. 

What is your theme…. and your dream?  Do you want modern luxurious surroundings or would you prefer rustic?  Do you want beach, cliff top or above the clouds?

Think about transport.  Where will you and your guests be staying?  There are lots of transport companies who can take you and your guests to the venue but you may prefer to have the ceremony and reception party in one place so that you are not spending the day herding up guests to move them from one place to another.

And what type of food will you want to enjoy?  Fine Dining or BBQ.  The Portuguese are real food lovers and most tastes can be catered for, but your venue choice will influence this.

There are many different types of wedding venues in Portugal.


The origin of the word Quinta is a farm rented at one fifth of its income, but these days is used to describe not only rustic farms, but also country villas or estates. They make fabulous wedding venues if you want something different from the 5 star hotels or beach weddings.

Beach Venues 

If you are dreaming of a beach wedding in Portugal there are lots of options. Some people choose to get married on the beach, barefoot in the sand, but you need to check the licenses of the beach you are choosing. They then hold their wedding breakfast in a villa, restaurant or hotel. There are some great restaurants with loads of character and Portuguese charm located either on the beach or on the cliff top offering breathtaking views. 

Cliff Top Wedding Venues 

Portugal, especially the Algarve, is known for its spectacular cliffs, offering a fabulous backdrop for any wedding photography as well as stunning views for you and your guests. The island of Madeira offers dramatic mountains and ravines and if you venture high enough, you could even get married above the clouds… literally! The sea view is amazing. If you are looking for a cliff top wedding venue, check locations of villa’s, restaurants and hotels in our directory.


Portugal has no official religion but approximately 84% of the population is nominally Catholic. You will find a choice of churches of different religions some of which will conduct your wedding service in English.


There are lots of hotels in Portugal and on the island of Madeira that make great wedding venues and are experienced in managing large numbers of guests. Many are also able to hold your ceremony in their stunning gardens, using an independent wedding celebrant, so you can have your entire wedding in one place and not have to worry about transporting guests from different locations.


Renting a villa in Portugal or Madeira for a week and then hosting your wedding there, is becoming increasingly popular when choosing a wedding venue. You can bring in wedding caterers, photographers, flowers and even have the ceremony in the garden using a wedding celebrant. This is a great way of treating yourself to a fabulous villa to stay in.


There are many restaurants that are large enough and experienced in catering for weddings in Portugal and Madeira. There is a great choice of menu’s from traditional Portuguese cuisine to oriental or European tastes. Many restaurants have also created a stunning space in their grounds to hold the ceremony using an wedding celebrant to conduct the ceremony for you.


A Pousada is a type of exclusive and often historic hotel located throughout Portugal. There are currently over 40 pousadas in Portugal. Each pousada has its own restaurant serving regional and local cuisine and wines, as well as some international favorites. Pousadas have been divided into groups so that you might choose your pousada by its theme:  

  • Historic Pousadas are located in historical buildings, castles, convents, fortresses and palaces.
  • Historic Design Pousadas are historical pousadas whose architecture had been modified by distinguished architects.
  • Charm Pousadas have lots of...charm.
  • Nature Pousadas are located in areas of immense natural beauty in Portugal.

Botanical Gradens

The island of Madeira is a flower lovers paradise and there are many Botanical Gardens to explore. The Palheiro Gardens has a small stunningly beautiful chapel located in them, which can be used for ceremonies with either an independent Celebrant or a Priest from the Anglican Church.

Gold Clubs

The Algavre is famous for golf courses, many of which offer services to host weddings. It is also surprising that on the island of Madeira, with its mountainous terrain, there are a couple of golf clubs and one on the island of Porto Santo.  The Club House can make a great venue for a wedding, especially if you want to play 9 holes in morning.

So have a search through our directory and find the venue for you.