The Island of Madeira

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So you have been to Portugal before and you know how fabulous the people and the food are.  But have you discovered the Portuguese island of Madeira yet?  Here we have listed a few things as to why Madeira is a great wedding destination.


Lets first talk about the travelling for you and your guests.  The great thing about Madeira is that flights from other European countries are fairly short compared to heading to the Caribbean and it is more affordable.  This is a big consideration when inviting friends and family to your wedding, especially for those with young children.

The Weather

The main reason couples choose to marry abroad is that they want a good chance for nice weather.  The great thing about Madeira is that there is good weather all year around.  The winters are short and unless you head way into the mountains, the temperature is still lovely. The summers are long but dont get that over bearing heat that makes an outside wedding uncomfortable.. Madeira is known as island of eternal spring.

The Scenery

Madeira is stunningly beautiful.  You can see the sea from nearly any spot on the island but you also have the back drop of dramatic mountains and valleys.  If you love nature, this is definitely the place for you.

The People

Portugal is renowned for its relaxed people who go out of their way to help and Madeira is no exception. The service is of a high standard and all the suppliers want your day to be amazing.

The Venues

There are a wide choice of venues, from 5 Star hotels to more local rustic restaurants.  

The Activities

A wedding in Madeira is never just one day.  All your guests are also on holiday and there are loads of activities for you all to do, from Dolphin watching to walking in the mountains.  There is also a water park and lots of natural pools to entertain the kids. 


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