Get Married in Portugal

So you know you want to get married abroad but are still deciding on the perfect destination.

Portugal is a great place to get married and is a really affordable destination making getting married abroad a viable option for more and more overseas couples. An average wedding in the UK is currently over £20k but in Portugal you can have a dream wedding for considerably less than that. Being just a short flight from the UK, it also allows Brides and Grooms to marry abroad and to bring all their friends and family with them.

There are lots of different areas in Portugal from which to choose. The Algarve offers sandy beaches and many tourist attractions to keep all your guests entertained. Lisbon offers culture and fabulous food and Lisbon airport has links to all over the World, making it easier for guests to travel to your wedding. In the north, Porto offers traditional Portuguese culture and in the surrounding areas you have the stunning Douro Valley, full of vineyards. Last, but no means least, you may choose to consider Madeira, the Portuguese island located off the north west coast of Africa. It offers a sub tropical climate and is great for weddings all year around, as the island has a warmer winter climate than the mainland, but is slightly milder than the mainland in the summer.