The Originals Algarve Band

Categories: Entertainment, Wedding Music

Regions: Lisbon, Algarve

The Originals have performed and exceeded high expectations at more than 200 weddings and private events. They excel at playing great quality popular songs whilst providing incredible crowd entertainment. The Originals band enjoy every second of music that they play; their enthusiasm and liveliness is contagious.

The Originals play an array of music including the top hits of the noughties all the way back to those of the 50’s. There are set lists to suit any tastes, including the ever-popular Swing & Smooth Reggae set and the energetic Full Band option. Their great taste in music pleases all types of people; whether the Eagles or The Killers are your cup of tea, The Originals will deliver. Also, they are more than happy to learn a few of your favourite songs so as to personalise their set lists for you.

They have been described as “the Duracell bunnies of the wedding scene.” This applies not only to their liveliness during performances but also to their enthusiasm throughout the day to make sure a wedding is the best it could possibly be. They understand how important a wedding day is and strive to create the perfect day for the happy couple.

The Originals pride themselves on their talent, work ethic, crowd-interaction, and creating customer satisfaction. The Originals guarantee that everyone will be dancing all night long and your wedding is sure to be memorable!

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